August 8, 2007 Central School Site Committee Minutes:



Those in attendance per sign up sheet:

Scott Misenhelter

Suzanne Misenhelter

Mark McKinsey

Diana Fate

Orin Marshall

Kelli Thompson

Robyn Wright

Todd Holaday

Wayne Ogilvie

Tina Haefke

Kathy Cooney



Scott Misenhelter, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 6:30pm. He

introducted Kathy Cooney, the Central School Principal.

The minutes of the May 3, 2007 meeting were read by the secretary. The

minutes were approved as read by unanimous vote.

An agenda and copies of the site committee bylaws were distributed to the

members present.

The secretary, Suzanne Misenhelter, read the bylaws. Discussion followed.

Question and Answer brought up the following: Would training

opportunities be possible in the near future for board members? Could

communication and possible visiting with other school site committees be


Could the Central School newsletter be forwarded to the site committee


Central School NCA Accreditation was discussed by Kelli Thompson, Diana

Fate and Kathy Cooney. It was noted that items targeted included a 5 year

data collection cycle. State assessment results for math & reading scores.

A new system for tracking is in place - MAP Assessment. It will measure

growth and show if classroom techniques are effective.


As a group, the Site Committee discussed some of Kathy Cooney's objectives

for Central School.

Goals for Consideration:

Reaching out to community, school newspaper on

website, reaching out to other school site committees, attendance at site

committee training opportunities.

Building Needs:

More facility restrooms, asbestos in boiler room

concerns, safety issues in using lunchroom as a multiple purpose rm.,mold

issues & damp rooms, overcrowding in student rooms.

Words that describe Central School:

innovative, caring, clean, organized, friendly

What do you value in a learning community:

dedicated staff


Kathy Cooney spent some time telling the site committee about her life &

goals for Central School.

The Site Committee group approved the following calendar dates for the

07-08 school year: November 7, 2007, Feb 6, 2008, Apr 2, 2008 & June 4, 2008.

There was a motion to change meeting dates and time to first wednesday of

month @ 5:30 pm for Nov., Feb.,Apr.,& June.

Motion Passed unanimously.

As there was no old business at this time, the Chairman Scott M. called for

adjournment @ 8 pm.

Unapproved minutes submitted by Suzanne Misenhelter, Secretary.